Monday, July 11, 2011

Trials-Witness to the Downfall


Modern thrash, death and groove are the three elements that make up Chicago's new band Trials. Other than some technical thrash ( minus any real lead guitar work) you could say that those three genres represent what Trials is all about. Now since the promo hypes "the drumming of former member Sasha Horn (NOVEMBERS DOOM, THESE ARE THEY)" I will say that the drums are great. With no other line-up info though I have no idea who plays what or sings so it is any one's guess. This debut features a mixing/mastering job from Lasse Lammert (ALESTORM) and sounds very professional. You have the standard screaming and clean vocals which are fine if nothing overly exciting. Back to the promo for a second where it mentions the band in the same breath as "MACHINE HEAD, SYL and GOJIRA". Machine Head yes, I can here that to a degree. With some touches of melody and acoustic moments it does sound as if the group are at least trying so points there. Problem is this all sounds quite familiar. There is very little to set Trials apart from the hordes of other bands playing this exact sort of thing. It isn't bad just nothing jumps out. Witness to the Downfall just sort of stands there doing it's best to try to grab your attention and even when it does catch your ear it can't hold onto you. A good debut, but miles to go to make any sort of real impact.


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