Thursday, September 15, 2011

Livin Fire-Demo 2011


Self-produced three track demo

Livin Fire is a band that formed in Kraków,Poland who are strongly influenced by hard rock and metal.The band in present form exists from more or less the beginning of the year 2010. Founded by a vocalist and also a guitarist Alda Reï and a guitarist Szreder (Kuba Kurek). After a long searching of suitable people, the band was joined by Mateusz Bernat on drums and Alvaro on bass. This is a three track demo so it's probably best to break them down track by track. "Explode" is a thin mid tempo track with a strong beat. The main guitar rhythm is subtle yet memorable.
"Nightmares Night" is powerful head nodding song. Alda Reï's vocals really shine on this one. I like how they maintain their energy all through the track.
The final track "Thunder" comes on with a blazing burst of guitar licks for settling into a medium fast pace. Another tightly crafted track with some solid hooks.
Livin Fire's style reminds of bands like early Lizzy Borden, Bitch, Witch and others. It's hard to judge a band from just three tracks, but I like what I heard on this demo. All three songs are strong and you can tell the band have their musical direction down. Definitely check this one out. Here's hoping they keep at it, get signed and get the chance to show what they can do on a full legnth album.

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