Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ordo Obsidium-Orbis Tertius


Due to hit stores on October 10, 2011 (just in time for Halloween kiddos!) Orbis Tertius is the debut album from the Bay Area's Ordo Obsidium. Creepy, mysterious and atmospheric black metal/doom is on display here in all of it's gritty ugliness. Featuring 5 tracks of pure evil this album is sonically unlike anything I've heard in awhile. With little information to be found on the web for this band I must turn to their promo which states that the band's sound is a "mix of early Emperor, Mortifera and early Katatonia". I'd say that is more than a fair starting point. While it might draw from those particular influences this is no carbon copy act. In fact if I might again quote the promo this one "is not a carbon copy of a carbon copy of a carbon copy". So very true as Ordo Obsidium seem to inhabit their own realm. Upon repeated attempts to wrap my head around this album I'm left with the distinct impression that the band seems to be infected with utter darkness. That said while it is certainly a dark, depressing and dreary listen it is also hopelessly addicting. A promising start for this mysterious outfit.


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