Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Fright Fest-Raw Meat (AKA: Deathline)


This British made film came out in the UK as Deathline, but over here in the states it goes by the far less subtle Raw Meat. This film and set in the early 70's. A politician gets attack down by the subway. A young couple find him and the man of the couple thinks he is drunk, but his girlfriend thinks he's hurt and convinces him to tell the police when they get up to the straight. However when the policeman comes down the man is no longer there. Soon we find out that there is cannibal living down in a back room in the subway. He watches as his pregnant and sick mate dies. The back story reveals that around the turn of the century workers were in a cave-in down in the subway. Some survived by lving off the flesh of the dead. Now we see their last descendent trying to survive, but he wants more than that. Now he wants a new mate. While all this is going on the police get involved because the politician that disappeared has some pull. We are treated to Donald Pleasance as the head investigator and this is definitely the best role I have ever seen Pleasance play. Yes, even better than in the Halloween movies. The police think the young couple may have been involved with the politician's disappearance. Eventually the woman of the couple gets targeted by the cannibal as his possible new mate.

Favorite part-When the cannibal man looks as his mate dies. This adds to the film that he's not just a monster. That's a large part of what makes this movie different from the typical creature feature.

Why you should see this film-A rather unique film due to the story and sympathy for the "killer". The pacing could have been tighter and the guy in the couple is just okay. However the other performances are strong and it's a great looking film as well.

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because- Definitely a film where you understand and see more each time you see it.

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Great film Mark!

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