Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Dogs Divine-The size of the fight


The Dogs Divine formed in 2007 and this is their sophomore release. They sound like a bit of a cross between Brand New Sin, Slave to the grind era Skid Row and Pantera. Almost every song begins promising enough because most of their riffs really pack a wallop. The vocals are loud and raw plus they fit well with the spirit of the music. The major problem with this album is not the energy because they have plenty of that to spare. No, the things is they can start songs well enough, but the ideas seem to quickly run dry well before the running time ends. We get left with the same riff going over and over with the same line being yelled out over an over. It's like they thought sheer volume might make up for their lack of originality, but that doesn't quite work on every song. The results are this in album with some promise, but I came away feeling like they really to spend more time developing these songs. Not bad, but they need some work for sure.

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