Friday, December 02, 2011

Encoffination-O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres


Judging by the title I figured that this album would be dark and also be long and drawn out. It's pretty much all of the above. The music is frequently very slow with each notes slowly being pulled forward and every beat eventually makes it way to yours ears. The vocals are deep and growling with a great deal of venom and very little variation. They try to throw in some bells, chants and other noises to add some variety I suppose. Yet most of the songs just run together to create one big long drone fest that made me sleepy very quickly. The tones are thick and deep plus they quickly set the atmosphere yet as the song goes it quickly runs into being more of the same without much to vary the pace or mood. They hit some twisted sounds at times and the production is quite impressive. Yet they frequently lack enough ideas to really make me care to listen to a whole song. They start out well enough on most songs, but don't have the ideas to keep the momentum going. Instead they get into a song put it into neutral and very slowly drift towards the end of their running time. Slow can be great if you have a point to your song and enough hooks or ideas to make it interesting. I am afraid that this band missed that last lesson.

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