Friday, January 06, 2012


Denovali Records

Back in March of 2011 I reviewed Heir's full-length album "Fowl". This latest release really picks up where that full-length left off. Released last month this 3-track EP features more of the same beautifully constructed avant-garde post-doom from this Melbourne based instrumental outfit. At 25 minutes in length the songs take their time by building up somber passages before winding back down with mellow and inspired post-rock. If anything "Hunter" is more mellow and reserved. However none of that takes away from the intense emotional impact of tracks like "Symptom". Of the three tracks here I enjoyed the title track the most although each number has it's own feeling and unique structure. "Never Land" for one opens with wonderful jazz influenced bass riffs creating a sense of security even as you are fully aware of the loneliness the track conveys. A great follow-up to "Fowl" which is reviewed in the link below.


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