Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Redrum-Power Corrupts


I can just remember when thrash was an and coming style in the mid-80's but by the end of the decade the scene had absolutely exploded. That was good for fans who wanted piles of bands to hear. However it wasn't as good for the bands as a crowded meant not everyone was going to get a major label deal or even get signed to a big independent. Sacramento, California's Redrum were such a band. They formed back in 1985 and went through a series of demos before finally releasing "Power Corrupts" themselves.  The production isn't the best, but not all albums had great production back then. The important thing is the music. The sound here is Bay Area Thrash even though these guys hailed from a little ways from there. They have some specific influences, but the styles vary between early thrash and some real thick frenzied material. On some songs they separate the approaches, but on other songs you'll hear moments that sound what Vio-lence might have sounded like had they really worshiped Metallica's "Kill 'em all". There are also bits that will likely remind you of Testament, Exodus and Heathen as well. The vocals are limited and not as fierce as they needed to be at times. Still they manage to keep the music going consistently and even toss in some surprising change-ups. I bought this album a few years ago. Unlike a number of 80's thrash bands who sound stale to me know; these guys sound better each time I listen to this album. They focus on playing forceful riffs and keeping the mood intense. In that take on thrash they were clearly beginning to establish some of their own style here. Unfortunately this album didn't break them in like it should have. Perhaps if they had gotten it out two years sooner when thrash bands were still being swooped up by labels then they may gotten a few albums out. Unfortunately this was their only album. They was a re-issue a few years with the bonus tracks being some live songs. Live bonus tracks are frequently a waste of time, but no with Redrum as you get that their energy and chaotic approach translated nicely live as well. This album is definitely worth tracking down if you like old school thrash.

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