Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crimson Day-Crimson Day


Formed in 2010, with the group's first moniker being Stone Rose before a change to SpeedInk in 2012 and then (apparently rather recently) turning towards their current name, the Finnish band Crimson Day just released this 6-track back in mid-December of 2013. Melodic heavy metal/rock might be the best way to describe this lot who, from what I've been able to gather online, also had a bit of a shake-up (line-up wise) this past year with new lead vocalist Valtteri was drafted into the fold. Along with guitarists Jyri and Ari (one of which is also new to the band according to the group's short Facebook profile), bass player Jesse and drummer Tuomas the group's new lead vocalist makes a heartfelt attempt to bring more attention to the Finish heavy metal/hard rock scene. Note the word "attempt" as this short, self-recorded and self-released, 6-track EP, which for some reason has an intro called "Prelude to Oblivion" flowing directly into the track "Into Oblivion" (a bit more variety would have been nice), doesn't exactly add anything to scene or break any new group. Instead it just is what is is. Nothing more and nothing less. While it's admittedly not a bad EP or anything like that, as the band appears to have to have some solid skill sets at their disposal, it never strives to be anything other then just average. Maybe with some stability (name-wise and line-up wise) this five-piece might be able to provide a bit of a spark to the scene. For now though I'd suggest spending a bit more time ironing out some of the wrinkles (and maybe doing a shot or two of enthusiasm) before hitting the studio again.

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