Saturday, January 18, 2014

Graveborne-Through the Window of the Night

Séance Records

Helsinki-based Graveborne have been active since 2008. "Through the Window of the Night", which is due for release this upcoming Monday, January 20th,  is the band's second full-length release. With an additional EP (the group's 2009 debut recording, "Astride over the Grace") and a lone, 2013, 2-track single (the digital-release, "Burn the City of God" which features an exclusive track entitled "Temple Without Walls" that was recorded during the sessions for this album) this Finnish collective focuses their attention on 90's-era black metal and, without getting too carried away with descriptions like "raw", "bleak", "unholy" and "evil" (all of which would and do apply!), they do it well! I'm tempted to go rambling on about each and every track and the utter sense of despair and hopelessness that such music elicits, but instead I'll just leave this as a means of description (you are free to fill this one in with your own imagination). There are dreams that still haunt me...memories for which even the passing of time can never soften. Events that will forever remain buried within the darkest regions of my mind where they will lie in wait until they are forcibly exorcised from their slumber...which I fear more then anything. Graveborne's "Through the Window of the Night" could be, no, make that is, the soundtrack to that inner torment that I want nothing more than to be buried away and never addressed. Enough said. 

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