Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interview with Blade Killer

Last week I covered Blade Killer's recently-released (and absolutely fantastic!) debut release "Blade Killer" (link provide below). As a result I was able to arrange a short interview with this L.A.-based band which, among others, features Fueled By Fire's drummer Carlos Gutierrez on lead vocals. This four-piece collective, which is truly a force to be reckoned with(!), combines the best parts of traditional heavy metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. into one (must-hear) beast of a band. All of which proves that there is still plenty of fire left in field of straight-up heavy metal and that the scene will no doubt will be alive and well for YEARS to come! I want to thank Blade Killer for taking time out of their busy schedule to talk with Heavy Metal Time Machine and if you haven't read my review yet of the group's 4-track debut EP then be sure to do. And of course be sure to head over to the group's Facebook page afterwards so that you can show the band some love!

Andy-Could you give us a brief run-down on how the band came about?

Blade Killer-The band was formed by Carlos and past drummer Andrew Gomez. Jay and Kelsey joined fairly soon after the idea of creating a Heavy Metal band was brought up. Jon joined a few months after that we we began to look for a second guitarist.

Andy-What made you decide on the name Blade Killer?

Blade Killer-The name came from the French Heavy Metal band Sortilege. They have a song called Blade Killer, the french version is entitled "Bourreau" Always thought that would be a killer heavy metal band name?! No pun intended lol

Andy-While I picked up on early Iron Maiden, Cloven Hoof, Tokyo Blade and Tygers Of Pan Tang are their other N.W.O.B.H.M. bands that have influenced Blade Killer?

Blade Killer-It's funny that you hear Cloven Hoof, non of us really ever listened to them haha. Maiden and Tokyo Blade are some of our main influences. There's are all kinds of NWOBHM band that influence us like Wolf, Saxon, Satan to name a few. But there all not British bands that influence us. Sortilege, Nightmare, Stormwitch, Tyrant(Ger) Armored Saint, Mercyful Fate, Even bands like Ratt and W.A.S.P. Have a great influence on us.

Andy-How did the deal with Stromspell Records come about?

Blade Killer-We were planning to release the 4 track EP on our own, Mike Mendyk of Swords and Chains Records contacted us about releasing a tape with him. Some things had come up and it ended up not working out as he planned. Because of what happened  Mike shared our music with Danny McKane from Storm Spell and they liked it! Mike and Danny decided to release it together. So actually Stormspell and Swords and Chains are releasing the E.P.! Cheers to those guys for giving our music a chance! We are also planning on releasing the EP on vinyl as well! You can purchase our EP through Stormspell Records web store, also keep a look out for the release of the vinyl, we will be letting everyone know where they can get that.

Andy-Who played drums on the EP?

Blade Killer-Carlos played drums for us on the EP. Since he already plays drums for Fueled By Fire it was the most logical answer to our problem at the time in trying to find a drummer. If we would have waited until we found a permanent drummer the EP probably wouldn't have been recorded or released yet! Haha

Andy-Is Blade Killer going to be a live band as well?

Blade Killer-We are hoping to be a "live band" soon. We have yet to play live, but are very much eager to hit the stage. We have put most of our efforts towards getting this E.P. released so that we have solid material out and available. We'd love to get out there and tour!

Andy-How has reception been for the new EP so far?

Blade Killer-The reception and response that we have received from everyone has been really positive. Releasing it through Stormspell Records and Swords and Chains Records have given us a huge boost in getting our name and material out there for people to hear.

Andy-Now that you've released "Blade Killer" what else can fans expect out of the band in 2014?

Blade Killer-We are definitely hoping to play some gigs, maybe some festivals or tours! We will continue writing more material and eventually get back into the studio and start this full length album. We are looking forward to 2014, especially since we started out the year strong with the release of our first E.P.

Andy-I always give bands the last say. Anything you'd like to add?

Blade Killer-I think we would pretty much just want to thank everyone for showing so much support for our music. We are really stoked for what is to come in the near future! Cheers!!

Blade Killer's Facebook page:

Review of the very awesome (and must-own!) "Blade Killer":

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