Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suicidal Angels-Divide And Conquer

NoiseArt Records

Thrash metal from Athens, Attica? Sure I'll bite. Formed in 2001, with their full-length debut album, "Eternal Domination", not appearing until six years later for some odd reason, this Greek band now has five full albums to their name thanks to "Divide And Conquer"! With founding member (and sole original member from the looks of things) Nick Melissourgoson leading the charge on vocals and guitars, which he does with a tidbit of (teeth-sharpened) bite, Suicidal Angels rely on old-school, raw and gritty thrash to get the job done. And you know what? These four do the job just as well as the next set meaning there is quality thrash to be found just about anywhere on this globe of ours these days! Cue cards for this lot would seem to be the likes of Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Megadeth, Dark Angel and maybe even Death but there's also quite a bit of originality to be found wrapped up amongst the cords of this twisted thrash metal assault! Normally with a record of this kind words like "heavy" and "wicked" would come into play, but my fear would be that said words are too overused. And yet this is one of those release where the metal on display is HEAVY and the the riffs are WICKED so I can't exactly pass up on the chance to those two two descriptions out there can I? For thrash fans 2014 looks like it might just be as good (if not better?) then 2013 was. Or at least judging by the sounds of albums like this one!

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