Thursday, January 16, 2014

ForChristSake-Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror

Roxx Records

Belfast-based act ForChristSake, which was formed by drummer/vocalist Ignatios, claim that they are  Northern Ireland’s "only Christian extreme metal band". I'll take these fine, quite talented, four-lads at their word with that one as I'm (honestly) not all that familiar with Northern Ireland’s extreme metal scene, Christian or not. Serving as a follow-up to the group's 2010, self-released (and reportedly, overall, well-received by both critics and fans!) EP "Death Is But A Breath Away", which you can find as a digital-download on places like iTunes and Amazon (or, presumably if you go by the band's official website, which I'll link to below, can be ordered directly from the band members themselves at the following email address:, this 16-track collection of pulverizing metal was due to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting metal community back in 2013. But, after some technical difficulties and a few other (unmentioned) misc. delays, it is only now (or rather next week) that fans will finally be treated to everything that this extreme Christian act has to offer with the crushing "Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror". Heavy on the theology, and even heavier in their delivery, ForChristSake combine elements of heavy/power metal, thrash metal, death metal and even black metal into a decidedly deadly, expertly executed,  Molotov cocktail of a release that has to NEEDS to be heard to truly be appreciated! Having lost lead vocalist/keyboardist Guy Taylor along the way, which left many fans wondering how this band would continue on without his contributions, it now appears as if Ben (who also handles rhythm guitar) has stepped up his game and, along with drummer Ignatios, is providing lead vocals. If I'm mistaken in that assumption then I offer up my most humblest of apologies. But, when you think about it friends and fellow purveyors of all things incredibly loud and disruptive to the nervous system, it really is a bit of a moot point as no matter who handles the lead vocal work on which particular track it all ends up with the same result-BRUTAL and CRUSHING extreme metal! Together with lead guitarist Simon and bass player Mark (both of whom are as equally talented as our presumably lead singers!) the pair of Ben and Ignatios toss caution into the wind and just go full-out CRAZY with their full-length debut album! Whether you're a Christian or not is not so much the issue with this upcoming release as it's more about  whether or not you are a fan of extreme, melt your face off and shred your body into a billion tiny pieces, metal at it's finest! If the answer to that second part is yes and you find yourself looking at 2014 and thinking "Where will the next brutal band come from and when will their extreme album drop?" then this soon to be released CD is for you! Besides the (often-times) otherworldly vocals, which actually give this Christian metal release a bit of a dark afterglow, it's the heavy-use of thrashing guitars that gives "Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror" much of it's powerful edge. Lead guitarist Simon lays down some simply-sinister solos that bring to mind everyone from Slayer to Death! Meanwhile the rhythm section, which is (thankfully) never buried too deeply in the mix (as you'll want to hear each and every drum beat and bass riff you can on this one folks!), cuts it's teeth on old-school death metal as much as it does the more modern elements of today's extreme metal scene. What sticks out in the end is how each and every part of the equation that is ForChristSake is given equal opportunity on the main-stage and how (collectively) this four-piece feeds off of the energy of each other. No doubt this lot is as dedicated to their craft as they are the album's overall message! Slated for release on January 21st, with a mere 30 CD copies (although likely-less by now) of "Death Is But A breath Away" also available to purchase in a (slightly) more expensive set (which is what I opted for!), you can pre-order this (likely-addition to my "Best of 2014" list) CD right here: Also be sure to check out the band's Facebook page and give them a "like" while you're at it as I'm sure these Irish rage-rockers would appreciate the love! 

Official website of ForChristSake: 

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