Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skull Fist-Chasing the Dream

NoiseArt Records

I've long had a soft spot for Canadian heavy metal/speed metal band Skull Fist. Having loved the band's 2011 full-length debut album "Head öf the Pack" (which I did review at one in time) and having picked up (and subsequently devoured) their cleverly-titled "Heavier Than Metal" EP (released in 2010 it was the follow-up to the band's 2006 "No False Metal" demo) I was psyched to see this one land in my inbox. With founding member/sole surviving original member Jackie Slaughter (ex-30 Years Too Late, ex-Carpadium, Jackie Slaughter Experience, ex-Mäniac, ex-Kïll Cheerleadër) once again taking the reins on lead vocals and guitar and with some like-minded metalheads backing him up "Chasing the Dream", which runs about 37 minutes long and totally kicks ass(!), is the perfect follow-up to "Head öf the Pack"! Over the course of nine fist-banging, "Throw those devil horns in the air and mosh your hearts out!", cuts of pure heavy metal love this New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) four-piece rolls out the red carpet for fans of crazy good, "Hell Bent For Leather" on a "Highway To Hell", heavy metal! By this point in his career (Seeing as Skull Fist is pretty much just a vehicle for a certain someone to live out his love of honest-to-goodness, bang your head like a maniac, heavy metal!) main-man Jackie Slaughter knows what he wants and how to deliver it and, in doing so, having now thrown off the colorful musical inspirations in favor of a more original and downright distinctive sound and style, he proves that Skull Fist are now the innovators and not the followers! Easily in the running (and most assuredly my a choice for!) for heavy metal album of the year for 2014! Translation? Pick this one up and rage on my friends....rage on!

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