Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miserable Failure-Hope


French act Miserable Failure, who (I assume) took their name as a means of describing my pathetic attempt at a love life, are offering up their latest EP "Hope" as a free digital download right here: Or at least until May 6th, 2014 after which point it will be available for next to nothing on all digital platforms. That's neither here nor there though when it comes right down to the (gnarly) outlook and approach that this extreme metal act takes on "Hope". Charismatically lead by "vocalist" Bleu (Demonically-possessed much or have you just been garaging with broken bits of metal and glass? Either way you had me in your clutches from the very moment you appeared on "The blueprints of self-disgust" my friend/fiend!), and having (previously) drawn comparisons to Agoraphobic Nosebleed (Which is more then fair I reckon even if Miserable Failure comes across as a bit more, in a good way, mean and ugly!), the band (the aforementioned Bleu, guitarist/vocalist Rom "Maldito" Sanchez, bassist Mélanie Sugin and drummer Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar) crush down four tracks of (blood red and deliciously juicy) raw grind in less then four minutes on "Hope"! If digital downloads are not your thing and you just HAVE to have a physical copy of  this short & sweet grindcore release for yourself, which I wouldn't blame you for wanting as this nasty little bastard does the old "in and out" as good as any other (If not actually better I'd likely argue!) then be sure to connect with the band members themselves at their Facebook page here: There will be a limited number of CDR and Tape editions of  the excellent "Hope" floating around. As to when that will happen and how many will be issued? Hell if I know! That's why I'm leaving it up to you to head over to the group's Facebook page and inquire for yourself!

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