Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hollywood Monsters-Big Trouble

Mausoleum Records

It was a week or two after the new Godzilla movie came out that I first listened to "Big Trouble". So as you can no doubt see I've sat on this release for weeks now. It's been so long in fact that I forgot what it is I was actually going tow rite down, but I do know that it had something to do with how fitting it was to see a cover like this right after the movie came out. Anyway, what you've got here in a couple of "older" musicians in bass guitarist Tim Bogert (Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert & Appice) drummer Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) and keyboardist Don Airey (Cozy Powell, Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Deep Purple and seemingly hundreds more!) joining up with some young French vocalist/guitarist named Stéphane Honde for a pedestrian hard rock effort. About the only cool thing about this album is the cover where you've got two "monsters" * (in a very "War of the Monsters" kind of way!) going at in on top of what's supposed to be a Capitol Records' building. Otherwise this one is so BLAH that it deserves to have said monsters destroy it in a battle to the death!

*It's obvious that the monsters are supposed to be King Kong and a T-Rex.

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I listened to this one and totally agree with you. Given who 3/4 of the line-up is it really should have been better. I guess the old timers here were just taking the paycheck to play mediocre rock.

4:05 PM  

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