Monday, September 22, 2014

Lord Volture-Will To Power

Mausoleum Records

Wageningen, Gelderland (The Netherlands) is the stomping ground of heavy metal warriors Lord Volture. "Will To Power" is the group's latest full-length release and the band's third overall since forming in 2010. Lead vocals are handled by David Marcelis (a fine singer whose style falls neatly into line with the likes of Rob Halford and Ronnie James Dio) while guitars are taken care of by Paul Marcelis and Leon Hermans. Simon Geurts and Frank Wintermans (bass and drums respectively) round things out. On each of the group's three full-length albums this N.W.O.B.H.M. (Saxon, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden)/traditional heavy metal (Dio, Megadeth, Savatage) band has featured "special guests". Lord Volture's debut album, "Beast Of Thunder" featured the one and only Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame while the follow-up, "Never Cry Wolf", featured Sean Peck of Cage. Here on "Will To Power" the group managed to acquire the skills of ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. It's worth noting that both "Beast Of Thunder" and "Never Cry Wolf" received high marks. As does this one. So, is it a case of added guests equals added points for this Dutch heavy metal outfit? Not really. I just found it interesting that all three albums have featured highly skilled guest guitarists. Truthfully I enjoyed this album as a whole unit and wasn't really paying attention to where guitarist Chris Poland stepped in. That sounds bad. It's not that I wasn't paying attention to the music. That I was! It's just that this Dutch five-piece has a sweet sound going on overall so it was one of those deals where I was like "Hey, I just listened to this kick ass heavy metal album and all but was I supposed to listen closely enough to try to figure out where this ex-Megadeth shredder appeared or can I just enjoy it for what it is?". Oh, what is it? Why, "Will To Power" is A) My first introduction to this band that also sounds somewhat like a classic metal version of Iced Earth and B) A reason for me to hunt down the rest of Lord Volture's catalog! This stuff kills! While the band Picture will most likely always be my favorite Dutch treat (in regards to killer heavy metal from The Netherlands) I may have just found the scene's second greatest outfit ever! Everything I love about good heavy metal is here! From the high-pitched vocals to the screaming guitars to that certain feeling that cool traditional heavy metal leaves in it's wake it's all here and it's all so fabulous! "Will To Power" is for fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Accept, Iced Earth and even Grim Reaper. 

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The cover looks like an homage to Screaming for vengeance, it's pretty cool cover.

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