Saturday, September 20, 2014


1-800 Prime CD

Luicidal is a punk rock band from Venice, California that was formed in 2012 by ex-Suicidal Tendencies' bassist, Louiche Mayorga.  Prior to releasing their self-tiled, 12-track debut-album here the group (which also features former Suicidal Tendencies' drummer RJ Herrera) apparently spent it's time playing songs from Suicidal Tendencies' first three studio albums ("Suicidal Tendencies", "Join the Army" and "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today"). Lest you think the cleverly-titled Luicidal is simply Suicidal Tendencies version 2.0 let's clear the air out of that bubble. This is old-school (as in early eighties friends) punk rock first and foremost and other than let's say "Live For Today" and "Least to Succeed" this particular disc doesn't sound at all like Suicidal Tendencies. And no, that is not a bad thing. Not in the least. Sure, it is more than a little  surprising considering all of the former Suicidal Tendencies members that play of "Luicidal". In addition to Mayorga and Herrera you've got Rocky George (coolness!), Amery Smith and Grant Estes. Naturally One would think that an album featuring all of these one-time Suicidal Tendencies members would have a similar flow. But no. Instead we are treated (and I mean treated!) to great punk rock and that starts the very moment that "Westside Familia" kicks in! This frenzied slab of California punk clocks in at under two minutes, but man alive is it ever a banger! The previously mentioned "Live For Today" comes out to bat next followed by the band's punk rock cover of "Kumbaya"! The first of two covers of this track on this one album(!), "Kumbaya" might seem like a odd cover choice, but in hands of Luicidal it actually works rather well! From there it's a mash-up of slow crushers like "Changed World" (featuring Dale Henderson of Beowülf on vocals and guitar!), "Knife Fight" and "Least to Succeed" and fast thrashers like "Green Light" and "Killing Skating Machine". Besides featuring former members of Suicidal Tendencies and the aforementioned Dale Henderson, "Luicidal" is blessed by appearances from the likes of Keven Guercio (No Mercy), Mando Ochoa (Sick Sense) and the one and only HR of Bad Brains fame! It's actually the second version of "Kumbaya" where we find HR doing his thing and this cool reggae/hip-hop fusion piece closes out "Luicidal" on a high note! While hard copies of this album will not be released until mid-October you can download it right now off of iTunes and Amazon. "Luicidal" is a great first-step for bassist Louiche Mayorga and his band-mates and for fans of Venice Beach punk rock or old-school punk in general this one is a real no-brainer!

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