Saturday, September 20, 2014

Metal News: England's Stiletto Farm release "January Sales" preview track "Adrenaline TV"

"Adrenaline TV" is the latest single from English rockers Stiletto Farm. Taken from the group's upcoming full-length debut album, "January Sales", "Adrenaline TV" might have a short run-time (1:25), but it packs a serious punch with it's fast & fun take on punk rockin' heavy metal! Now, I simply loved the group's 2013 single, "Bad Reception"/"Strawberry Sundae Red", (review below) as well as their 2012 debut offering "Decimation Baby" (no review, but damn it's a cool banger anyway!), but both of those singles sort of pale in comparison to this new cut! Offered free at the link below (as are the other singles incidentally), "Adrenaline TV" finds this über-talented trio speeding through a three-way stop where Black Flag, Green Day and The Ramones meet to hang out and swap tales of glory and yes, it is more than a little awesome! If their long-overdue full-length debut is anywhere near as good as this single suggests then we could be looking at a sure-fire hit for Stiletto Farm! And Lord knows these three fine gentlemen* are desiring of such success! You can find the "Adrenaline TV" single here:

 Review of "Bad Reception"/"Strawberry Sundae Red":

*Stel - Bass/Vocals
  Davyd - Guitar
  Newt - Drums

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