Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Singles: Lucifer-"Anubis" Single

Rise Above Records

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin, Germany, "Anubis" is the first release from the female-fronted stoner/doom metal band Lucifer. This single was laid to tape back in November of 2014 and it is backed by the number "Morning Star". Despite the fact that it was released back on January 27th (with a limited edition 7" appearing a month or so after the digital version), "Anubis" only recently came to my attention after a friend suggested I check out this German band featuring Johanna Sadonis. Before we got any further though or get too deep into today's Saturday Singles feature I think it would suit us well to play the time honored game, "Good Bands with Bad Names!". If you really need to ask why Lucifer is a terrible choice for a new band then be sure to take a sneak peek over at the Metal Archives. As you can see this name has been used before and there are a couple of active bands still using the moniker. So yeah, Lucifer is a terrible name for this stoner/doom metal band and I really wish someone would have stood up and said as much before the ball got rolling. OK, now that I have that little rant out of my system let's get back to  Johanna Sadonis and the band in question. If her name doesn't immediately ring any bells don't feel too bad. At first it didn't for me. It took me a minute or two to clear the cobwebs out of my head before I placed the name and even then that was only after a clue or two......or three! Lucifer's front-lady was formerly with the The Oath and that short-lived band proved to be a one and done deal. Hopefully that doesn't prove to be the case with Lucifer. Especially seeing as Johanna has surrounded herself with admirable company including Andrew Prestidge and Gary Jennings! Andrew Prestidge was the former (live) drummer for The Oath and his resume includes two N.W.O.B.H.M. bands in Angel Witch and Tytan! Meanwhile guitarist Gary Jennings (here known as The Wizards) also plays with the band Death Penalty and his terrific style of playing has been on display in Cathedral, Septic Tank, and Acid Reign! On bass we find front-lady Johanna Sadonis (also formerly of  Cryogenic, Dies Ater, Ferox, Informer, and Sweden's Vinterkrig) recruiting a possible newcomer in Dino Gollnick and I say "possible newcomer" due to the fact that even if the Metal Archives doesn't have him listed in any other bands his skills on the four-string are undeniable! Collectively Lucifer sounds nearly unstoppable so it will be interesting to hear what this band has in store as far as new music is concerned. Fans won't have to wait long for that though as the group's next single, "Izrael", is due for release this week and the band's full-length debut, "Lucifer I", is scheduled for May 25th in the UK and Europe and June 16th here in the U.S.! For more information on Lucifer be sure to check out the band's Facebook page and you can pick up a vinyl copy of this great single by heading here.

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