Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CrashDollz-Punks In Amerika

RadicLea Records

Detroit, Michigan is the home turf of CrashDollz and "Punks In Ameriika" is this wild band's brand spanking new album. I first covered this female-fronted punk rock n' roll/metal band in one of my Free Metal Monday features and to this day the group's self-titled album never fails to amaze me! Now lead vocalist Nikki Darling and crew are back with a vengeance on their first album for RadicLea Records. Available in digital format as well as on CD, "Punks In Ameriika" was produced by Scott Lea (The Fiendz) and band guitarist' Rachel Rekkit. CrashDollz sophomore outing features 11 killer cuts including a new version of "Novocaine" (from the band's self-titled debut) and a choice cover of Prodigy's "Smack My bitch Up". Bassist Kevin Krank (Damien, ex-Bones Garage, ex-Chastian, ex-Vainglory) and drummer Rob Brug (Halloween, Warrion, ex-Damien) round out the line-up on "Punks In Amerika" and all four-musicians sound freaking fantastic on this fierier follow-up to the ever so cool "CrashDollz"! The album starts off strong and stays that way with opener "Hellcat" setting the pace for the rest of this attitude-filled disc! As one sweet as fuck track leads into another you'll find yourself drawn to lead singer vocalist Nikki Darling's strong presence and the simmering leads of CrashDollz' underrated guitarist, Rachel Rekkit. There's no sign whatsoever of a sophomore slump for these Detroit punk metal rockers on "Punks In Amerika" and with lyrics that point towards the strength of women in music this album is as positive as it is powerful! If anything the band's new album improves upon the material and the messages of "CrashDollz" and that is really saying something considering how classic this band's debut was!!  I have zero doubt that fans of "CrashDollz" will just LOVE this 11-track release, but then again so should collectors of classic punk & followers of female-fronted punk-metal. To the members of CrashDollz I say congrats on the release this power rockin' disc and PLEASE keep on doing what you're doing because the music scene of today really needs you to straighten it out! And to our faithful readers I say go out and secure your own copy of "Punks In Amerika" in order that you can support the further adventures of this amazing band! And if you have the chance then by all means be sure to catch this Detroit act out live! From what I've heard you won't be disappointed!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CrashDollz rule!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Matthew DeCorte said...

Rachel,Nikki,Kevin,and Krusher take no prisoners.

12:52 PM  

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