Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Henry Metal-Wizard Vs. Demon


Henry Metal is a California-based metal project that was just formed this year. The five-track EP, "Wizard vs. Demon" is the second release from this mysterious band in as many months. It follows the full-length album "So It Hath Begun" and clocks in at around 20 minutes. Influences seemingly range from Megadeth and Metallica to any number of hair metal bands and (weirdly enough folks) that all works on this short release. Where Henry Metal drops the ball is the song lyrics. On a scale of 1 to 10 this EP's lyrics barely pulls itself up over a 4. And to be honest I'm being extremely generous with that grade! It's harsh I realize, but "Wizard vs. Demon" reads as if it was written by a teenage drama club member with an over-inflated ego! Said lyrics suck the life right out of this EP which is a real tragic affair! Whoever Henry Metal is (whether it is one person of a couple of people) they would be better suited bringing in a proper songwriter. Seeing how strong the band's actual music is, "Wizard vs. Demon" could have been a great argument for why the NWOTHM scene is better than every. I wish that had been the case, but as it stands now this EP gets a C rating.     

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