Monday, May 15, 2017


Rogues Realm Records

Formed sometime back in 2016 and self-described as "Medium voltage rock'n'roll",  Brisbane, Australia's Knifer is lead by a front-man known only as FC and comprised of musicians that have ties to the doom metal band Zodiac. The four song demo "Knifer" is this band's studio debut and at the end of the working day it gets my ultimate stamp of approval!  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Audio, "Knifer" is the righteous and reckless sound of a (Motörhead-infused) down & dirty speed metal/rock band that likes to drink, party and rock the F**K out! Naturally that is right up my alley! Chances are pretty good that others will feel the same way (especially if loud & proud heavy metal and/or heavy rock is your preferred drug of choice!). Song titles include "The Bottle", "Conspiracy of Silence", "The Snake", and "Satisfaction". To purchase a digital download of this demo simply click on this link. If you would like buy a cassette copy of "Knifer" be sure to head over here. At only $6 a tape, "Knifer" is a real  steal of a deal! If you ask me it also makes for the perfect graduation gift for any high school kid that sees Lemmy as their god! Off hand I know of at least three kids that fit that definition. While there you might as well order a cassette copy of "Source". Of course that is just a suggestion from one heavy metal fan to another....

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