Friday, May 19, 2017

Interview with Running Death's Simon Bihlmayer

Running Death is a powerful thrash metal band from Germany. Last week I covered the group's new album which is entitled "DressAge". Now it is my extreme pleasure to present this follow-up interview that I conducted with guitarist/vocalist Simon Bihlmayer. To read my review of "DressAge" just click on the following link.

Andy-It's been a longtime since we last talked. How are things for you guys?

Simon-Hi Andy! Thank you that we are able to make this interview with you! Now it`s an exciting time for us because of the feedback of our new album! Thank you very much for your review! It made us proud to read that! Apart from this all is perfect! We have fun to play music, we love it to hang out together! A really great feeling in this line up!

Andy-Your new album is something else Simon! Was this a group project or do you have one or two main songwriters?

Simon-Most of the songs Jakob (the drummer) and I wrote together. I came with a guitar riff, Jakob made a beat to it. Then we thought how the song could go on. We jammed till we found it out! Then sometimes Jakob would send me voices (lalalala) via handy, and than we had a good refrain for a song! Sometimes it was so easy and then some songs we got more grey hairs! We are a good team. We have been writing songs together for 12 or 13 years now and the most important thing is we want to create the same music! It`s hard if the two main-songwriters have different aims in the music! But it's not always 100 %  just the two of us.
For example Dani contributed to song "Beneath the Surface" and our ex-bass player Max wrote a riff for "Heroes of the Hour"! Our new bass player Andrej joined the band when the songwriting process for "DressAge" was nearly over. But we will write new songs again and he has amazing ideas! I`m really looking forward to write the next album with all four of us involved!

Andy-What was the recording process like? Are you all pros at this by now or do you learn something new every time you set foot in a new studio?

Simon-I say to you, Jakob is a Pro! He nailed the drums in a day and a half! That includes building the drum set up and then taking it down! Every time we learn new things and after every production we hear things that we could use to make things better next time. That`s normal I think. But it was good! We practiced a lot before we entered the studio and our producer Sebastian Moser (Grotesque Studios) did an amazing job! So, with all of that in place we couldn't make many mistakes! 

Andy-Well, I don't hear any mistakes on your new release! "DressAge" is a interesting album title. Is there a story behind that?

Simon-That`s easy to answer! Look at the cover artwork and you will see what we mean!  I wrote that title  because I wanted the reader to have a look at the cover. Sorry!

Andy-That's cool. I get it. Have you played any of the album's new songs live? If so what has the reaction been like?

Simon-Yes. One time we played "Courageous Minds" and "Heroes of the Hour" and the people liked what they heard! The next gigs that we play at we are very excited about the feedback of the crowd! I think some people will love it, and for some it is too melodic. Because many people just want to hear uffdauffdauffda and shouts.

Andy-Yes, I can see that. No matter what you can't please everyone.  Are you planning any kind of tour for this album?

Simon-We will play some gigs this year, but not really a tour. It`s hard to organize that for a band which is not as well known like we are. Maybe we can get support-slots of a tour? Unfortunately we don`t shit money!

Andy-That's a problem that I share with you Simon! LOL! Where will our readers be able to buy the release?

Simon-Ooh, good question Andy! Normally at Amazon, different online shops and record stores. We have distribution nearly all around the globe. Please, buy directly from us if you can! We see 0% of all other sells! You can write us via Facebook or you can send a email to me ( You can also buy it on our Bandcamp page (link)! We made a Limited Edition (300 pieces) version with tray card and a poster and we normally are the cheapest provider!

Andy-That's for letting our readers know about the situation. What would to you like to say to all of your fans Simon?

Simon-Everyone who listens to Running Death has the best taste in music which is possible to have :-)
It is awesome for us that you listen to it! And don't be shy about contacting us! We like it very much to hear which song is the one you like the most and how the heavy-metal scene in your area is doing. Maybe there is a chance to find a gig there for us? 

Andy-Thanks for your time Simon. Where can our readers find out more about Running Death and do you have any final words?

Simon-Thank you Andy! At Facebook you can see about our live activities and read other news (link)
You can stream or buy our music at bandcamp. Also, over on YouTube there is a video for our song "Courageous Minds". It is one of the songs from our new album "DressAge".


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