Thursday, November 01, 2012


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Issa, the "Norwegian Rock Diva", is a name that should be familiar to those that enjoy melodic rock. For the rest of you (who are just hanging around these parts) Metal Mark did a solid write-up of her 2010 album, "Signs Of Angels" way back when. While her 2011 album, "Storm", seems to have slipped past our site she has, nonetheless, been making waves on the scene. But, just floating on the fringe of  rock isn't going to pay the bills so it's far past time that Issa make a real name for herself. Beyond the fact that her music is tailor made for rock radio (as it mixes in pop, rock, melodic rock and hard rock) she actually has the pipes to back up the image. For her new album, "Can’t Stop" Issa assembled a group of of quality musicians (Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Mario Percudani – Guitars, Anna Portaluppi – Bass
and Alessandro Mori - Drums
) and decided to do a collection of "carefully selected hidden AOR gems". Since most of these tracks would only be known to AOR fanatics alone whether they are actual gems or duds is a matter of opinion. Either way she covers music that was originally included on albums by the likes of  Mark Free, Aviator, 21 Guns, Atlantic, Regatta, Worrall, Blvd and Tower City. The original versions asides, Issa treats each of these cuts in such a way as to make them seem smooth and natural. Her voice alone is all that is needed to appreciate this album. It's more then enough to pull the listen in and frankly, she overshadows the other musicians with the possible exception being guitarist
Mario Percudan. Every good rock vocalist should have a good guitarist behind them and Mario Percudan provides just enough crunch to keep things moving. Without his skills there is a strong possibility this would dissolve under a sugary mess of pop and AOR arrangements. Overall Issa's new album is a sure to be a winner for fans of melodic rock, AOR and female-fronted rock .

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