Monday, September 30, 2013

Jackal-Cry Of The Jackal

Pure Underground Records

It was back in1989 when Dutch band Jackal, which shouldn't be confused with Denmark's Jackal (or for that matter  "The Lumberjack" one which I actually saw live about a billion something  years ago), released this (initially) 6-track album. Unfortunately back then (in the late eighties/early nineties) anyone that dared to play "heavy metal" faced an uphill battle.While this Dutch band was quite popular in the home-country, and even managed to pick up cult followers outside of their native country,  they ran into the same roadblock that far too many other bands of the era did. As the glam metal obsession gave way to the grunge obsession it was bands like this that got squeezed out. Falling somewhere between Iron Maiden/Judas Priest-like true heavy metal and the early power metal appeal of  bands like Queensrÿche and Scanner, Jackal released a few demos and this EP before folding up shop in 1992. It looks as if the last time anyone heard from this bunch (That is before the band was re-formed in 2007 by original members guitarist John Bouman and drummer Rick Waalewijn) was the 1991 demo, "The Secret Inside". Three of the five tracks from that demo are actually attached to this limited-edition, remastered, re-release as are the two tracks from the group's 1987 demo, "Demo 2". As only 500 copies are being released, which is the same amount of copies that were released when this album was first self-released on CD, this is one of those re-releases that I can easily see selling out. It was bands like Jackal, Vault, Emerald and Black Knight, along with both Picture and Ear Danger (two bands I totally love), that made the Dutch metal scene so freaking cool in the first place. Now thanks to this re-mastered, limited-edition re-release a new generation of heavy metal fans just might get a chance to experience this album. With original lead singer Erwin Siereveld now back in the band as well it does look as if new material is on the horizon. That should make fans of old and new quite happy! In the meantime though (especially if you've never had the chance to hear this album for yourself) why not experience "Cry Of The Jackal" all over again (and with improved sound to boot!) so you can hear how this band started out and why so many of us considered this to be a cult album! 

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