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Formed in the fall of 2008 by lead vocalist Rob Bradley, Aries is a Maryland-based hard rock/heavy metal band that has played all over the East Coast where they have shared the stage with the likes of Sebastian Bach, The Protomen, Dio Disciples (featuring everyone's favorite ex-Judas Priest vocalist, Tim "The Ripper" Owens) and Symphony X. Serving as the two year follow-up to the well-received "A Time to Kill" and featuring over an hour's worth of seventies and eighties-inspired hard rock/heavy metal (more on that in a bit!), "Rise" was engineered by Matt Bittman at Wright Way Studios (Slipknot, Bosnian  Rainbows, UNKLE, etc). With a total of twelves tracks in all, "Rise" was also funded entirely by loyal Aries' fans thanks to a Kickstarter campaign page! As such it's a true labor of love and plays like a love letter from fans of all that is righteous and good about the 70's/80's hard rock and heavy metal scene to fans of the same! Those particular influences range from Judas Priest to Journey(!) and when you combine a great lead vocalist like Rob Bradley with a great lead guitarist like Sean Rhodes it's nothing short of heaven friends! And did I mention how Sean Rhodes is (justly) compared to the likes of Adrian Smith, Paul Gilbert and Eddie Van Halen? No? Well, he most certainly is on the band's webpage and while I am not going to try to claim that he is every bit as good as someone like Eddie Van Halen I will say that this talented guitarist knows how to shred! Sean Rhodes is amazing on "Rise" and his solos give Aries this almost divine, classic rock vibe. Meanwhile Tim Slack and Andy Ham (bass and drums respectably) round out the line up and with their combined skills this Maryland band has hit on a winning formula! This full-length collection of rock-steady numbers should appeal to fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Kiss, Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Van Halen, Scorpions, UFO, Journey and Def Leppard.


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