Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sanity's Rage-You Are What You Swallow

Dead Inside Records

"You Are What You Swallow" is the full-length debut from Belgian thrashers Sanity's Rage. Original released back in 2012 (with the band's first recording, "The Rage Of One", having appeared some six years earlier!) "You Are What You Swallow" hit the scene ten years after this five-piece first got together and for a band that saw a shit-load of line-up changes over the years it is not only a good album, but an amazingly consistent one to boot! Kenny Molly leads this band and for fans of classic thrash metal this 11-track album should feel like a long-lost friend! Aided by some technical thrash elements, Sanity’s Rage has performed with the likes of Saxon, Testament, Lääz Rockit, Hyades, Savage Messiah, Helstar, Rezet, Huntress, Sacred Oath, Holy Moses, Agent Steel, James Rivera and Onslaught and one would have to think that their Bay Area thrash meets classic, old-school thrash sound just goes over like gangbusters in a live setting! Other than recommending the band's debut album for thrash metal purists of young and old there isn't much more to say about this Belgian outfit that hasn't been said before. As the album has already been reviewed countless times over online I'll simply toss in my two cents and we'll leave it at that. While Sanity's Rage might be reinventing the wheel when it comes to this kind of metal they are at least bringing integrity to the party seeing as "You Are What You Swallow" is not so much more of the retro-thrash loving nonsense that's over-saturating the scene as it is the sound of a band that truly lives and breathes the genre. That alone bumps them up in my standings, but this is one band that has the chops to back it all up and the talent needed to stand on their own two feet and go the long-run. Here's hoping "You Are What You Swallow is just the tip of the iceberg then as this band sure sounds as if they have a lot left to say!

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