Saturday, September 20, 2014

Suburban Myth-"Crashed And Burned" Single


"Crashed And Burned" is the second single from Suburban Myth's new album "Welcome (If Only)". It is also the second number that I've had the pleasure of covering from this alternative rock band. The last time I heard from Suburban Myth the band had issued the hit-single in the making "Welcome (If Only)" (link to that coverage posted below). While that number found Suburban Myth rocking out sweetly to the sounds of Matchbox 20-style radio rock (hence the hit-singing in the making comment!) this new single paints a slightly different picture of this Charleston, SC/Nottingham, UK act. "Crashed And Burned" is a nearly three-minute slab of near-punk alternative rock/guitar rock! Notice I said near-punk as Suburban Myth is still very much a radio-friendly kind of band, but the group's admitted Goo Goo Dolls influences are more clear-cut where a song like "Crashed And Burned" is concerned. And for that matter I have to say that I am impressed by such a discovery! To these ears "Crashed And Burned" came out of nowhere making me all the more curious as to what other "secrets" this alternative rock has in store for listeners. I wonder....

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