Friday, May 15, 2015

French Metal Friday: Hexenjäger-Demo


"We make noise". That's Hexenjäger's self-description. As for their personal interests? Well, they sure do sound similar to mine! We're talking about beer, rock n' roll, and whiskey for this four-piece band from Saint-Nazaire. In my mind all that's missing is women (and I guess we could replace whiskey with vodka!), but either way this French sludge/doom metal act hits you right where you're sitting! Sent our way courtesy of bass player Flo, Hexenjäger's 2-tracks debut demo is a walk on the wild side with the opening title track alone hitting the 20 minute mark! Hexenjäger, which is reportedly German for "witch hunter", lists it's influences as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, and Hawkwind, but truthfully not one of those bands is as slow and drawn-out as this French quartet is! As my fellow bandcamp devotee Paul Rote points out the clean voice of Charly sound similar to that of Wino even if Hexenjäger's personal take on doom is distinctly their own. Guitarist Charles and drummer Ben round this four-piece out while the eight minute plus "Murk" rounds out this demo. Of the two songs present here, "Murk" is my personal preference for best of show and that has everything to do with how it favors 1970 something or rather slow jam doom! Not that you'll go wrong with either cut friends! Especially if you live and die by the sword of S-L-O-W doom!!! You can actually download a digital copy of this excellent 2-track demo for free by visiting Hexenjäger's bandcamp page whereas physical copies can be acquired by contacting the group at You can also find the band here.

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