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Formed in 2014 out the ashes of the dark metal outfit Martian Time Slip (and originally starting out life as an instrumental act before the fateful addition of lead singer/mood stabilizer Chris Edwards ), Orca is a ambitious UK-based alternative metal/progressive rock band that is self-described as a "cracking band" and has one album to it's name in the form of this forthcoming 12-track release. Obsessed with all of the limitless potential of space and the unique and challenging mysteries that it holds for all of mankind (and in a very real way just as dark, cold, and haunting as the source material that serves as this group's inspiration!), London's Orca approaches all aspects of life with a DIY mindset in place and by extension that outlook spills over onto their fifty minute plus debut album, "Universe". Very much a keen and intellectual reflection of their numerous influences (of which Tool would be the obvious starting reference point and then we could work our way down through the Tool side-project A Perfect Circle and onto the likes of Karnivool, Deftones, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, 10 Years, Isis, and to a lesser extent both Muse and the Smashing Pumpkins!) this up-and-coming London act (who should not to be confused with the Cleveland, Ohio post-hardcore act of the same name) is already being hailed as one of the leading pioneers of "space metal" and for band members Matthew McGuinness, David Vezzoli, Christian Edwards, and Ben Murray-Smith that tag is something to be proud of! With a release date of April 1st, Orca's first album (which incidentally tiptoes back and forth between smart progressive rock melody and beefed-up metal madness!) will be preceded by the single "Aquarium" on March 4th and other than the small issue of it's length (there's no two ways about it, but at fifty or so minutes "Universe" is a lot to digest in just one sitting), "Universe" is a success in terms of what it sets out to do. This 12-track album introduces the harsh narrative that is Orca's experimental sound and in doing so it offers listeners a solid look at alternative metal's (seldom seen) dark underbelly. For a debut album, "Universe" has just the right amount of passion, promise and potential to help move Orca up the rungs of the alternative metal side. With the right amount of guidance and the possibility that someone might be able to explain to Orca that sometimes less is more this London alternative metal/progressive rock band could have a nice long career ahead of itself.

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