Sunday, May 21, 2017

Coffin Hunters-Coffin Lord


Formed in early July of 2016 and comprised of Eric (vox), Sean (guitars), Brian (bass), and Jorge (drums), Sonoma County, California's Coffin Hunters have blown me away with their debut EP! It is entitled "Coffin Lord" and at 19 or so minutes in length Coffin Hunters' first studio recording finds me wondering how long it will take before some label comes in and swoops this young band up as their next big thing!! Opening up with the N.W.O.B.H.M. meets rogue garage metal rocker "Petrol God", "Coffin Lord" expertly combines elements of classic heavy metal, doom metal, proto-metal, and eighties metal (see note below). Over the course of the EP's four numbers you will discover a band that is capable of completely rewiring your previously held views on what heavy metal is and what it all means. When the Black Sabbath meets (solo) Dio title track (which just so happens to clock in at over nine minutes!) closes this EP out it is all but a guarantee that you will not only hit play again, but that you'll find yourself with a gaping mouth and the pondering question as to where has this metal band been all your life! As a fan of heavy metal I couldn't be happier about this group if I tried. I love everything about this band's sound and style. I am completely blown away by this recording! That's my reaction as somewhat who loves the genre first and foremost. I've always lived by that code (fan first and writer second).  All of which makes me ashamed of this next part. I would never want to be someone to jump on the bandwagon at the very last second, but based upon this group's EP here...well, this is a winning lottery ticket just waiting to be cashed. If I wasn't a single father of two that is baring making ends meet I would throw every dollar that I had behind this group! With the right marketing behind them and the proper support system in place we could easily be looking at the next big thing in metal. It kills me to say that I see dollar signs in front of this four-piece, but man alive, Coffin Hunters are on FIRE! The group's debut was just released this month and it is free to download on CD Baby. If it was me though I would buy it on CD at four dollars. As far as straight-up heavy metal at it's finest goes, "Coffin Lord" is like the "No Life 'Til Leather" of this generation. That's a bold statement I realize, but I hear new metal bands all the time and this California band just screams "SUCCESS"! I've said it before and I will say it again. If I had one wish in life (obviously other than a better life for my kids) it would be to have my own record label for when I stumble across acts like this. As it stands now I am just going to be happy that I heard this band before a million others. And when they do get signed I do hope that it is by a label that believes in them as much as I do. 

*By "eighties" metal I mean more than just the U.S. metal scene of yesterday. In Coffin Hunters I hear traces of what was happening worldwide during those glory days! It's not just in the U.S. and Europe, but everywhere that young people were picking up guitars and reinventing heavy metal as this vibrant new movement. On the band's debut I pick up on (vintage) Swedish heavy metal as much as I do the first wave of post-N.W.O.B.H.M. British metal groups. There's so much to discover about this branch of the group's sound. When you're looking at just this area it seems endless. Imagine how epic it is when these sounds merge successful with traditional heavy metal and vintage doom. It is unreal. I am super stoked about this band and what they will sound like as they grow and evolve. Wow....

You can find Coffin Hunter's online by heading here.

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I'm pretty certain Sean is on vocals.

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