Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More mini-reviews

Bob Vinyl and I have been hard at work on our Rocklahoma post and that will be out on Thursday. However because I was spending so much time on that post I didn't get a chance to write much for today. So I will do a few more mini-reviews from that stack I got last week.

Sammy Hagar-VOA
Actually a pretty decent album and better than I remember it being. A bit more keyboards than it needed maybe, but Sammy sounds good and the songs are generally solid enough.

Quiet Riot-Metal Health
I wore out my cassette of this back around 83-84, but then around say 1985 I kind of stopped listening to it because I got more into metal. It's actually still pretty good for the most part and has aged okay. The music is a little thin in places, but Du Brow's vocals keep it going.

Okay, they tried to get a little heavier on their second album because they saw all of the other fluff bands getting knocked aside by grunge. However, most of their songs start with some okay guitar parts and then fade into fluffyland by the 30 second mark of each song.

Ted Nugent-Spirit of the wild
This was the Nuge's first solo album after Damn Yankees and one the better ones he had done in years at that point. It's different because he actually experiments a little here and there and generally it turns out pretty well. Not a classic, but a good hard rock album for him

A best of that covered 1976 until 1988. A nice collection that gave a good idea of what they had done up until that time. I pretty much liked everything on this and I once wore out a cassette of this as well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ramones Mania was the first Ramones CD that I ever owned. I played it like crazy for a long time. Loco Live is a good one too. All the songs are so much faster live.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

This was the first thing I ever bought by the Ramones as well.

4:48 AM  

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