Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Demonical-Death Infernal

Metal Blade Records / Cyclone Empire

Demonical was formed in early 2006 out of the ashes of Centinex (a band that had a long and varied career in the death metal field) with the sole purpose of playing old school death metal. While looking to return to the roots of death metal Sweden's Demonical has evolved with each passing album and have added new dynamics to the mix with Death Infernal. Now, seeing as these guys are from Sweden (the home of one and only Entombed) there is some of that classic Swedish death metal sound on display here. There is even some death 'n roll to be found within. But, yes this is a nod towards classic death first and foremost and other than some thrash moments here and there Death Infernal is prime death. With that special mention must be given to vocalist Sverker Widgren work. While his voice is rough you can actually make out every word he utters giving Demonical that certain edge. Also, seeing as the band can craft songs that feature catchy blasts of death thrash (with melody and technical ability as well!) Death Infernal is an album that you look forward to hearing what's coming up next. True to their press release this is some of the group's most varied and sophisticated work yet and might just catch some death metal fans by surprise.


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