Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Metal Friday: Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes was born in 1982 in the small town of Sannois. Formed by the brother's Masson (guitarist Thierry Masson and his brother Philippe who originally played drums) the group would be rounded out by bass player Remy "Serpent Glenn" Bertelle and second guitarist Philippe Chastagnol. Eventually after failing to find a suitable lead vocalist Philippe Mason decided to step out from behind the drum set to lead the band. Renaud Espeche would briefly fill the spot left open before Bob "Sortilège" Snake joined on drums. Sometime in 1983 a 5-song demo was recorded (who played drums on it I'm unsure of as what little information there is to be found on the band is in French) before the label Ebony Records came calling. After giving them the opportunity to record a song for their compilation "Metal Plated" the band signed with Ebony and in 1984 "Rites of Chaos" was released. Unlike the majority of French heavy metal bands at the time "Rites Of Chaos" found Demon Eyes playing a fast and furious style of speed not unlike a cross between early Exciter and early Running Wild. Singing in their native language might have limited their appeal some but if anything Demon Eyes were the perfect marriage of speed, melody and aggression. It would take the band three years before the follow-up "Garde A Vue" was released on New Musidisc. The album is noted for containing a interesting cover of Metallica's "Seek And Destroy", sung mostly in French. A single came out in 1988 called "Fantomas" followed by the full-length "Out of Control" in 1990. By this point the band had gone through another shake up with Gil Morvan handling lead vocals. Following the album Demon Eyes disbanded. It wouldn't be until 2006 that the Masson brothers would reform the group although as of this typing no new music has been heard from the band. For those who like there metal fast and furious "Rites Of Chaos" will appeal on many levels. Hopefully given time the new line-up will put some new material to tape and like so many other great bands from the eighties have a proper second chance at fame. Demon Eyes slipped through the cracks the first time around although they have another chance now to make it right.


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i love the bass in that photo. Guild B-302. gorgeous.

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