Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forgotten Gems: Waysted-Vices

Chrysalis Records

Waysted are a hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed by UFO bassist Pete Way after briefly playing with former Motorhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke in Fastway. After leaving UFO over creative differences Pete Way had hoped to play with Fastway but was unable to since he was still under contract with Chrysalis Records. After playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne's Bark at the Moon tour Pete decided to form Waysted with Scottish rocker Fin Muir. Recruiting former Def Leppard drummer Frank Noon and guitarists Ronnie Kayfield and Paul Raymond (who also handled keyboards) the band released Vices on Chrysalis Records in 1983. Waysted could best be described as being somewhere along the lines of a cross between UFO, AC/DC and Girl with some Springsteen,Seger,Thin Lizzy and John Cougar Mellencamp throw in for good measure. Lead by the swagger of Fin's razor blade vocals (imagine Bob Seger channeling Lemmy and you'll get the idea) Waysted rocked the line hard between sleaze and heavy metal. Vices is the sound of high-octane rock n' roll turned up to 11. This is the sort of hard rock you used to find in smoke filled bar rooms. Before glam metal threw makeup all over sleaze rock (in the process ruining it for everyone) you had Waysted laying down the law with Vices. It's dirty boys and girls. Swagger-filled dirty rock n' roll/hard rock with a heavy metal punch in the mouth. In other words its awesome. No need to thank me for saving you from corporate rock and mall metal. Just doing it for love folks. Doing it for love....


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