Friday, October 21, 2011

French Metal Friday-Stators

What are we to make of a world where bands like France's own Stators release a killer piece of heavy metal history and then disappear while bands like Poison are allowed to continue on, album after album after assaulting the public with "Unskinny Bop"? Sort of makes you wonder how people can't see the evil in this world and that Satan is all too real and working as a PR these days. Stators was formed in 1981 and other than a handful of demos the band's only release was "...Never Too Late" ( Full-Length release on Axe Killer Records in 1985). Thankfully God loves us as much as he loves quality heavy metal so we do live in world that allows bands like Stators to get a second change thanks to the fine art of re-releases. "...Never Too Late" was re-issued on CD by Brennus in 1998 and can also be found on Itunes not to mention various shareware sites. If you've never been fortunate enough to experience Stators then stop what you are doing and head over to Youtube for a taste of this most excellent NWOBHM inspired French band. Featuring vocalist Gilles Meleo (who released a single with Sphex in 1979) and future Satan Jokers' guitarist Olivier Spitzer the band often draws comparisons to Sortilège. That's fair enough to be sure. Like the mighty Sortilège the band draws on the NWOBHM scene as well as traditional heavy metal. There is also quite a bit of early speed metal to be found here what with the great lead solos. The music is well-rounded featuring interesting riffs and thankfully Strators breaks the mold of pedestrian heavy metal by crafting rock inspired tunes. Vocalist Gilles Meleo sings in English although his accent gives off a sinister quality that really pulls you in. Never mind the goofy photo above or the album's oddball cover art. Strators were a serious heavy metal act and "...Never Too Late" is a hidden gem that shouldn't be left to die under a pile of crap metal albums.


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