Monday, October 24, 2011

Sinner-One bullet left


Sinner are one of those bands has rather quietly been releasing consistently good classic style metal for almost thirty years. They don't tend to get quite as much notice as someone like Running Wild or Grave Digger, but there is no denying their steady contributions over the years. Despite his commitments with Primal Fear and other projects band leader Mat Sinner still keeps this act going in fine fashion. Despite recent line-up changes this band has remained focused and the quality of their music is still high. Just seconds into the blazing opener "The one you left behind" it's obvious that we are in for a solid attack of metal. The title track,
"Suicide Mission" and "Mind over matter" are just a few of the tightly crafted head bangers on this album. "Mend to be broken" and "Give and take" show their ability to blend melodies in with their heavy edged approach. "Haunted" and the closer "Rolling away" are both slow tracks, but both have enough of a steady flow to keep them going. Really there are no fillers on this album. My only real complaint would be ending with a slow track wouldn't be my first choice as I would normally prefer that a band end with a more powerful song. Nothing new, but I am glad for bands like Sinner that never fail to deliver.

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