Friday, October 21, 2011

Despite Exile-Scarlet Reverie


Scarlet Reverie is the self-released debut EP of Italy's own Despite Exile. These Italian thrashers have a sound that mixes in the best parts of heavy metal, hardcore, progressive metal and death metal. Vocalist Jei brings emotion and intensity to the mic as he leads Despite Exile. The rest of the band plays with a fury most deathcore/metalcore bands could only dream of. Since we are speaking of deathcore and metalcore it seems as if the band is most often lumped into those two categories. Thing is though even with the familiar break downs and scratchy vocals the band brings more to the table to keep things fresh. Interesting riffs and as I said earlier the emotion in the music far outweighs tired old tags with "core" in the title. Respecting their audience more than that allows Despite Exile to create metal that keeps you interested while still pummeling you senseless. Be sure to experience the thrill ride for yourself. Check out the band's reverbantion site below for more information.


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