Saturday, December 03, 2011

Crusader-Rise Of The Templars


This four-track EP actually came out earlier in 2011 and if it wasn't for Vibrations Of Doom Magazine I would have missed it. Crusader are from Chicago and this EP seems to be more or less a glorified and well produced demo. At only four tacks it is rather short although it is enough to get an idea of what these guys are aiming for. Apparently the band was formed out of the remains of horror punk band Gravedirt which is interesting seeing as this is more in line with retro NWOBHM worship than anything else. There is a certain epic metal vibe to be found as well which works rather nicely. If there is a down side to be found it would be Crusader's vocalist who sounds like he might be a leftover from said horror punk band. He isn't horrible just a tad rough for what Crusader seem to be shooting for. Still though this a good start for this promising band. I found my copy on Itunes although I am sure a quick google search would lead you towards the band's various websites.


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