Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thin Lizzy-The boys are back in town, Live in Sydney, Australia 1978

Laser Media

This album was originally released back in 1999 on Nippon Crown records. It no gets another release with a different cover. The recording is of a Sydney Harbour open-air show from 1978.
It was one of Gary Moore's first shows as a permanent member of the band. Also Gillan drummer Mark Nauseef was touring with Thin Lizzy at this time while regular drummer Brian Downey took a break. This contains eight tracks although technically it's nine since "The boys are back in town" and "Waiting for an alibi" are played with song leading into the other and the two are listed as one track on the case. You can hear some cuts between songs so I am guessing this isn't all of their set that night. However they certainly warm up as the show goes on. "Jailbreak" and "Bad Reputation" are fairly rough, but by the second half of the disc they are firing with all cylinders. Phil is a little bit more chatty than normal and seems in fine spirits. The overall sound quality is pretty good although on a few occasions the volume goes in and out, but still decent enough for a recording that's almost 35 years old. There are a quite a few live Thin Lizzy albums out there and this is probably towards the middle as far as quality and song selection go. However what makes it worth hearing is the energy they have on a number of the songs. It's not always tight, but that's okay because it's one of the best bands of the 70's getting down and dirty and going at it. Glad this one got another release, certainly worth checking out.

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