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Hell's Headbangers

This is actually the band's demo which was previously released on cassette and it's now stuck 12 inch vinyl. This is occult black/ death metal that's big on echoes and growls but short on clarity, style and much that would make me care about it. The tones are deep and this had me for a few seconds, but most of that fades away when they speed up. They use the same squeals repeatedly and trust me they are not effective any of the many, many times they slip them in. The drummer struggles to play anything to make me believe he's really using two hands to play. The vocals are hit and miss as they have enough snarl to keep up with what little is alright about the music, but the lack of variation and the dull, down in a well style of production they use robs him of some of the power he could have had if they had gone for a more conventional production. The three songs clock in at a total around fifteen minutes yet it felt twice that long as it dragged on with hollow noise just bouncing out of their instruments. Good death metal isn't simply heavy, incomprehensible slop. Heck even mediocre death metal is far more than that. I understand wanting to be different and trying to add some depth to their music, but you have to be doing  something that is interesting to make people want to listen to it. This band has obviously not figured that out yet.

Labor day reviewathon count-8 down 2 to go 
Time left- one day, eight hours and around two minutes
*I need to review ten albums by the end of Labor Day or I have to listen to Warrant's Cherry Pie. (Only two more left to write and plenty of time.)

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