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Interview with Toxic Waltz' lead guitarist Jimi

A week ago today, January 13th, 2014 to be exact, I covered "Decades Of Pain" (link below) by Munich-based thrash metal act Toxic Waltz. Recently I had the opportunity to chat some with lead guitarist Jimi. I want to thank him for taking to time to answer a few questions for Heavy Metal time Machine. For those looking for new, top-notch and energetic, thrash metal I would strongly suggest grabbing a copy of this talented act's full-length debut album!

Andy-First off I love the name! You guys are big Exodus fans I take it huh?

Jimi-Thanks, yes of course! I already heard a few times it’s not the best decision to choose a song name as band name but I still think it suits to us because Exodus is a big influence and we have some orientation in Bay Area Thrash so you already get a bit of the idea where the journey goes when you listen to us. 

Andy-Care to give a brief rundown on how Toxic Waltz came about.

Jimi-Well, I started the band around the beginning of 2009 with our ex-drummer Tim - already with the goal to form a thrash band. After a bit of time our Bassman Rahman and our Shouter Angelo joined us. With that lineup we performed our first gig and Lenny from DUST BOLT helped us out on the second guitar. On that concert we met Alex who shortly afterwards joined the band. At the beginning of last year Tim decided to quit the band and we got lucky that we found our new drummer Flo within a few weeks.

Andy-Besides Exodus, who are of course awesome, your sound draws inspiration from the Bay Area thrash scene in general right?

Jimi-Yes, I think if you mix it up with some Bay Area bands like Forbidden & Heathen our style becomes clearer. But to claim our music is only Bay Area based is wrong I would say. We try to combine a lot of thrash elements from different bands to get our sound more unique and we don’t want to be just to be a cheap copy of something. At the end we want define our own sound.

Andy-So far who are some of the bands that you've shared the stage with?

Jimi-At first we shared the stage very often with our buddies of DUST BOLT who helped us a lot at the beginning. We also had a lot of luck that we could already share the stage on our 7th gig with Six Feet Under. Since then we also have played often with Debauchery who are very popular in Germany and also with Alpha Tiger who are also a pretty good new German band.

Andy-Prior to releasing your full-length debut album had you guys ever been in the story? Or is this your first (and so far only) recording?

Jimi-2010 we were the first time in the studio for a demo and it opened our eyes working in the studio is something completely different than playing live. We had some struggles with timing for example. For me it was a very good experience because afterwards I knew exactly where I was required to improve so I practiced very often these things. The rest of the band had a similar process also so we got a lot more tighter and better after a short time. 2011 we entered the studio for another demo and afterwards we decided the next step must be a whole album. So one year later we recorded our debut. Unfortunately the whole process until the release took quite a long because we did a lot of things after another and not parallel like caring about the cover after the record was already completely recorded.  So again we learned a lot and we are very happy it gets released soon.

Andy-How was it recording the album? Smooth sailing I hope?

Jimi-As I mentioned we prepared us very well so yes, the recording process went pretty good indeed. It was also very interesting because our friend Eric who recorded us never dealt with another thrash band so we were really excited how the final sound would be. But It think we tortured him long enough to get to the sound we wanted  - haha J

 Andy-How can readers pick up a copy of your new album?

Jimi-Right now you can write us on facebook if you want to buy our record or some merch. In the future there will be a small webshop where all our stuff can be purchased. Stay tuned for news on facebook!

Andy-What's next for you guys?

Jimi-Currently we are planning some release shows in Germany to promote our record and establish us even more as German thrash act. Also I’m writing a lot of new songs for the next album already. I think it’s important to release the second album as soon as possible after the first to be not forgotten as new band.

Andy-Famous last words? I always like to have bands have the last say!

Jimi-I want to say thank you for the interview and the opportunity to say some words about us!
Finally to every fan I want to say if you like Toxic Waltz or any other band please support us / them by purchasing the music, merch and go to their shows. Music is a really though business!
Jimi – Toxic Waltz

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