Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sister-"Sick" Single

Metal Blade Records

Released back in October of 2013, and available as a digital download off of iTunes and well as in vinyl format ala a limited-edition (500 copies), 7" in various colors, this is the first single to be released from Sister's upcoming new album. For those of you not in the know Sister, who hail from Stockholm, Sweden, are a punk n' metal outfit who made their debut on Metal Blade Records with 2011's "Hated". A review of that album, which was written-up by site founder Metal Mark, can be found below. Despite looking like the (ghastly and ghoulish) bastard offspring of  fellow Swedes Crashdïet and Marduk, which you can check out for yourself at the video link, the band sounds (almost) more like Marilyn Manson if, and only if, old Marilyn (Brian Hugh Warner) himself had been feed a steady diet of the New York Dolls and (early) eighties punk rock! Backed up with a cover of Rocky Erickon's (The 13th Floor Elevators) "Two Headed Dog" this single might not be the most "current" offering from the group's upcoming album (that honor would seem to fall on the somewhat better "Naked" which is also available for download on on iTunes), but it does show the direction that Sister has decided to go as we head into 2014. While I have not heard their last album for myself (in it's entirety at least) the reviews that I read seemed positive and Metal Mark's judgement is always valued. As for this single though (and from listening to a sample of "Naked") I'm not entirely sold on Sister being anywhere near the top of Swedish exports worth investing in. Or at least right now with their current sound and choice of musical direction as their last album, 2011's "Hated", sounds a lot more promising to me (Metal Mark having described it as a combination of The Murderdolls/Wednesday 13, Crashdïet and Faster Pussycat). That said, I'll have to see if I can secure a copy of the band's upcoming new album ("Disguised Vultures") for myself before I make any rash judgement calls on whether or not the latest version of Sister is worth pursuing.

Video of "Sick"

Review of "Hated" 

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