Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mantar-Death By Burning

Svart Records

Don't let that cover art, which is beautiful and mysterious all at once, fool you my friends or even lull you into a false sense of security. This upcoming (self-produced mind you) release (February 7th, 2014 to be exact) from the half German/half Turkish two piece known as Mantar is anything but lovely and divine. Even here at Heavy Metal Time Machine (or in my own words if you want to be technical about it) words like raw and ugly (or even beastly for that matter) are thrown around far too haphazardly. And yet here it is. Raw, ugly and beastly metal which, despite lacking a bass player (as that would just muddle up the process anyway for this drums, guitars and punk/hardcore vocals designed two-piece), out does even Motörhead in the HEAVY rock and roll department! Alongside The Melvins and Darkthron you have your three humble influences for this blackened rock n' metal band and this release, which you'll be able to pick up in just about any format of your choosing (CD, LP, Tape and Digital), adds it all up and (collectively) drops it face down at your feet so that it can stand as a lasting tribute to the enduring power of D.I.Y. projects! All told there's ten tracks atomic-fueled mayhem from two men who sound as if they are on a mission from the dark lord of rock and roll himself! Hail hail rock and roll (especially when it's all twisted up and slapped down in all of it's thick and gooey goodness!) and any band like Mantar who provide proof that (sometimes) all you need is a guitar, one drum set, devilish lead vocals and heavy metal that melt your face off with it's foul breath!

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