Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Demon Doll Records (US) Hitman Records (Japan)

Calling New Zealand home, Mistress, not to be confused with the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania band of the same name (whose self-released album, "Heavy Mental", inexplicably did not make my "Best Of" list for 2013), are a melodic hard rock/hair metal band whose "Loveteaser" was released this past summer. Formed back in 2008 by lead vocalist/lead guitarist Siggy Signal, with CC Xander (bass/vocals) and Isaac "Rikki" Proctor (drums/vocals) filling out the ranks, this is another up and coming new band that, while (thankfully) more modern in there approach then a lot of similar-styled "Glam, Bam Thank You Mam!" acts trolling the airwaves, draw their influences from the days when it wasn't just women that got all doled up in make-up and hairspray for the Friday night rock shows! Up front that means lots and lots of Mötley Crüe worship with Ratt and Kiss following closely behind! To that end the band was able to secure the services of a certain Beau Hill (Ratt, Winger, Twisted Sister, Europe, Warrent, Kix, Alice Cooper and many more!) who, for those of you who know your hard rock and hair metal history (especially in regards to the mid-late eighties/early nineties) was heavier involved with said scene(s), remixed two tracks from the band's 2009 debut EP! Beau, having caught wind of the band thanks to their Myspace account (anyone remember those?), helps give the album's closing number "She's A Sinner" (which was also featured on was featured on the 272 Records heavy metal compilation CD, "Kill City 20", in 2010) a nice glossy finish. Unfortunately the eight tracks that proceeded "She's A Sinner" are not given the same consideration. And that is the big drawback of an album like "Loveteaser". Musically-speaking Siggy Signal and his cohorts in Mistress (who apparently are new to the game as there was some line-up changes between the group's 2009 EP and 2013's "Loveteaser") are spot-on in their love and appreciate for the days of old and that transfers over rather nicely into the the music on hand here. Opener "Rock It Tonight" sets things in motion as it pays homage to likes of Autograph and Kiss while the title cut recalls the likes of Def Leppard, Warrent and Extreme. From there we're treated to some nice White Lion ("Turn It On" and "Don't Stop Now"), Mötley Crüe meets Winger ("To The Top") and even some Ratt love ("Mystery Child"). For what they do (ie: playing hair metal and melodic hard rock inspired rock and roll) Mistress does it quite well. Talent-wise it's all there and Siggy Signal (who, incidentally, shines as a lead vocalist as well as being a great guitarist with some slick leads) has the ability to turn Mistress into something special. What holds this album back though is the paper-thin production. Other then the Beau Hill mixed "She's A Sinner" the tracks on "Loveteaser" sound as if they were plucked from various demo tapes (as in cassette tapes) and then randomly grouped together in an album setting. While that might sound harsh it's more disheartening in my eyes as Mistress has all the potential in the world. If they can secure the services of a really good producer and are afforded proper studio time then Mistress has all the tools at their disposal to shake up the modern hair metal revival scene and step forward as a reliable option for those who prefer actual talent over a lot of the novelty, big hair and even bigger egos, "fluff" that's clogging up the scene! Hopefully time will rectify that situation and down the road we'll simply be talking about how far Mistress has come as a band.


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