Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Singles: The Rods (featuring Veronica Freeman)-"Smoke On The Horizon"

David Feinstein / Nire

Welcome to a special edition of Sunday Singles. Today we will be talking about the hard & heavy rock-fest that is "Smoke On The Horizon". This recently-released single finds Veronica Freeman and The Rods collaborating on a four plus minute barn burner with this (so far at least) one and done recording all but written with rock radio in mind! This joint venture could best be viewed as heavy metal's past and hard rock's present colliding mid-air for some red hot destruction with the two distinct styles actually complimenting each other. On "Smoke On The Horizon" the Benedictum front-woman manhandles the microphone with Veronica "The V" Freeman's humongous voice shattering glass and destroying more than a few building foundations along the way! You'll be surprised to find The Rods actually taking a back seat to this powerhouse of a lead singer with the U.S. power metal trio mere putty for this fiery front-lady to mold! Even so, "Smoke On The Horizon" find The Rods doing what they do best and their timeless take on American metal is as blistering as it gets! As a first collaboration between these four veteran musicians this rocking number has a nice bit or bite to go along with it's loud bark and it points towards the possibility of this becoming a legitimate, full-time project if everything else were to fall apart for the parties involved. You can find "Smoke On The Horizon" at the usual places including iTunes and CD Baby.

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