Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lord of the grave-Raunacht


the Church Within

This album just shouts doom right from the start. Strike that. It actually oozes classic doom in slow gobs that Switzerland's Lord of the grave pull off and offer up to us a little at atime. The guitar riffs are ever so carefully plucked and come through in all their fuzzed out glory. This is the kind of overwhelming sludge that makes you feel like you are sealed in a room and the sound are just coming from everywhere and they immediately take you over. That's what the is band does best. They play basic sludge similar to Electri Wizard, Acid King, Black Cobra and Dopesmoker-era Sleep. The know who to create and maintain a very deliberate pace. The band also have a strong grasp of to piece together a sound that is so thick that you have to listen very closely in order to absorb all that is being pushed in your direction. Every song is a beast with it's own personality. This whole album is what real doom should be. It's raw, slow and heavy as a load of bricks. On top of that these guys can do some slick change-ups and rip in some solos that do enough to let you there is more to this trio that just one straight ahead direction. Unlike a lot of bands of this styel I think I really could listen to this disc at given time. They really have enough doing on that I could and will reach for it often. So do yourself a favor, corner this monster and give it a try.

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