Sunday, May 12, 2013


Fysisk Format

Haust hails from the hills of Notodden, Norway where, in 2001, they became "infected by the mix of white trash and black metal" in their surroundings. That infection would lead to a 2002 demo called "Blackmetal Suicide" and, after releasing another demo in 2003 called "Rejected", would eventually result in the 2005 full-length release, "Ride the Relapse". Now, as we fast forward all these years later, Haust issue their 4th full-length release and their first new material in 3 years. Their complete back-catalog also includes numerous EPs and Splits but, to these ears, "No" is my first experience. So how was my first time? Well, the band, who are part of what is called the "Black Hole Crew" (alongside other bands like Okkultokrati, Dark Times and Blackest Woods) weirdly enough do come off as a cross between white trash punk and black metal. It's not quite black n' roll though as there's some proto-metal going on here and, what I'd describe as, trash metal. Certainly not for everyone, but in a way this one is almost punker than punk. It sounds like it was recorded in a garage studio and, when you hear the whole shebang was recorded in a mere 2 weeks time (with actually recording time taking a mere hour!), you should know what your getting into.The promo sheds some further light on "No" as it was 2 weeks "full of arguing, distrust and rehearsal". You can hear the raw negativity that runs through these 8 tracks which reminds me (vibe-wise) of C.O.C.'s "Animosity". Raw and evil, twisted and hateful, this LP is what I'd imagine you'd get out of a black metal band setting themselves on fire while they blast through "interpretations" of tracks by the likes of S.N.F.U., Crass, The Dayglo Abortions and The Germs!

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