Thursday, June 06, 2013

Rotorvator-I vivi e i morti

Crucial Blast Records

This isn't my first road-trip with Rotorvator and, with any luck, it won't be my last. Maybe though "road-trip" isn't the right choice of words. Maybe instead we should call it a mind-trip? After all, listening to any "music" from this Italian act is a trip of the brain! If your curious as to my two other "experiences" with Rotorvator then you can click on either of these two links:

However, if you'd rather I just do a run-down of this interesting LP then buckle up folks as it's going to be a bumpy ride! Here we have Rotorvator's full-length debut album in "I vivi e i morti". Previous to this I've only heard this dark Italian act in small doses so the full-force contact was minimal. On this 7-track LP though you're plunged face first into the darkness and left to dangle helplessly! For lack of a better description Rotorvator play a grisly version of industrial black metal that is haunting to say the least. Over layers of electronic noise the group piles on twisted/harsh black metal and dreary dark metal for a release that speaks to the fear inside each and ever one of us! Crucial Blast Records is a good record label name for a release like this as Rotorvator doesn't come in with a whisper but rather they blast their way in! Amongst the noise and confusion Rotorvator unleashes unholy hellfire with maniacal lead vocals doing a play-by-play of the upcoming apocalypse! Given how dark and damn depressing black metal can be to begin with it's something that this Italian group can make it seem all the more bleak thanks to pounding industrial noise and these electronic elements which, when added to unrelenting blackened metal (Which has at it's roots a drone/doomish vibe anyway!), make for a nightmarish soundtrack. Below is a link to the group's bandcamp where, should you be brave enough or perhaps even foolish enough,  you can listen to this soul-possessing, hellfire, blackened slap of industrial metal yourself. Be forewarned though that "I vivi e i morti" is not for the lighthearted crowd or those that like everything to be neatly structured. At it's cure this music is nasty & sinister black noise that takes a long hard look into the anxiety-inducing emptiness that is the human soul. In other words it's underworld metal for those that freely walk into the deepest recesses of humanity's ugliness.

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